We offer a range of ATMs to suit your business needs. We predominantly supply indoor/lobby-style ATMs which are sleek and compact.

These support a wide range of transaction volumes and we use a wide range of connectivity solutions including, dial up/PSTN, TCP/IP, wireless or even DSL connectivity.

We can also provide through the wall ATMs and mobile ATMs. Through the wall ATMs or on the street ATMs are accessible 24/7 and ideal for locations with high pedestrian traffic.

A mobile solution is to support big trading days or events and this offers the security and flexibility of the fixed-location models but with the flexibility of being mobile. We can tailor a bunker style solution to suit your needs.

Hardware and software

We use world leading technology. We work closely with the original equipment manufacturers to customise the hardware and have developed software that provides industry best practice information to our customers.

This ensures that our customers get the Star treatment every day and the certification of the ATMs that we use has been achieved in Australia, Korea, China and the United States.